Wildcat Finder

Wildcat Finder delivers a quick and easy method for discovering the following information about persons affiliated with Northwestern University:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • University Phone Number
  • School / Department
  • Direct Manager
  • 2nd Level Manager
  • Employee or Student ID
  • Office Location
  • Activity Status

Information is derived from various sources and is subject to the accuracy of those sources.

To access, navigate to https://wildcatfinder.northwestern.edu. An active VPN connection is required.

For questions or issues using the application, please submit a ticket using the “Request Help” button on the right side of this page.

For access requests, please contact your school or department IT group. If you are an owner of a school or department IT group in Active Directory and would like to submit that group for access, please use the “Submit Group Request for Access” button on the right side of this page. Please provide the exact name of the Active Directory security group in your request, and note that nested groups cannot be added for access. All requests will be reviewed to ensure that only appropriate individuals are included.

Available to

  • Information Technology staff and approved contractors only





How to Request Service

School/Department Group Owners only:  Click the "Group Request for Access" button to the right and provide the Active Directory group name that needs to be added for access.

Click the "Request Help" button to the right for additional assistance.


Support Resources

Group Request for Access Request Help

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Wildcat Finder is a proprietary web application that provides multiple search options to identify individuals affiliated with the University in various capacities, including faculty, staff, students, contractors, and affiliates. Service is available to IT staff only.


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