Event and Videoconferencing Support

Northwestern IT provides a variety of services to support Northwestern events that take place on campus, hybrid, or completely online. Technical planning, project management, in-event support, external vendor planning, and assistance arranging transcription and translation are available.

For online events, Northwestern IT advises on event security and provides 1,000-seat Zoom Webinars. The Zoom Events platform is available for conferences needing concurrent sessions or an expo floor much like you would experience with an in-person conference.

Support for in-person events includes finalizing the event Run of Show, on-site venue walk-throughs and rehearsals prior to the event date, technical support for presenters, video recording, live streaming, options for captioning services. Event support requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to staff availability.


Available to

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Schools/departments



$80 per hour for the time of a Technical Project Manager.
$55 per hour for the time of Event Engineers and Video Production staff.

Billable time includes creating a run of show and script, coordinating rehearsals, set up prior to the event, transportation, the live event, and event close-out time. For events that are recorded or live streamed, additional set up time is needed prior to the event start time, sometimes the day before (when available).


Event Types

On campus – all aspects of the event take place in a physical location on campus with no Zoom or other online components. Includes site testing, rehearsals (as needed), and live event support.

Hybrid – the event takes place in a physical location on campus and has elements that use Zoom, Teams, or live streaming (via services like Panopto or YouTube.)

Virtual – all aspects of the event take place using Zoom or Teams. For virtual events, Northwestern IT provides advice on security, training using the platform, best use-cases for your event, and presenter rehearsals in addition to support on the day of the event.

Online Conference – simulates an in-person conference with up to 500 total attendees using the Zoom Events platform. Features include an event lobby, multiple concurrent sessions, multi-day options, an expo floor, and live streaming and recording options built into the service.

Video Production – event requires high quality deliverables (i.e. marketing, long-term public use) with single or multiple cameras and live audio. These events could include live streaming to Panopto, YouTube or other similar platforms. These events typically include high-profile speakers, panel discussions, and presentations.


External Resources

Northwestern IT can help source a 3rd party vendor for events that require resources or equipment beyond what Northwestern IT can provide. Northwestern IT provides consultation and coordinates logistics with the vendor.


Hours of Operation

Standard event support hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Events that take place outside of regular working hours may be referred to a 3rd party vendor if Northwestern IT staff are unavailable to support the event. Northwestern IT reserves the right to cancel support services for an event based on special circumstances such as inclement weather, networking problems, or power outages.


How to Request Service

  1. Click the "Event Form" button near the top right of this page and submit the form.
  2. Northwestern IT will review the details of your form within 48 hours of submission and confirm an initial review time with you. 
  3. Approval for event support will come after the initial review time. 



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