Research Data Management Consulting

Research Computing and Data Services data management consultants can help researchers with a variety of data management topics, including data management plans, data collection, storage, transfer, and access. These short consultations are an effective way to get your questions answered, discuss your data workflows, and troubleshoot your data storage and transfer problems. Longer-term collaborations may be possible depending on staff capacity.


Features and Benefits

Areas of support include:

  • Providing feedback on research data management plans
  • Designing, rebuilding, and automating research data workflows
  • Choosing data storage options, including Research Data Storage Service, OneDrive/SharePoint, Quest, and public cloud storage
  • Using the Globus data transfer tool to automate data transfer
  • Transferring research data securely
  • Hosting tailored research data management training sessions for departments and research groups
  • Other research data management topics upon request


Available to

  • University researchers
  • Faculty
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate student
  • Postdoctoral researchers
  • Staff



There is no cost for this service.


How to Request Service

To request an initial consultation, please submit a request through the online request form.