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Directory services help provide people and systems with the ability to look up information about people based on various criteria from things as simple as their name to their Northwestern school affiliation, degree programs, etc. Directory Services include the Northwestern online directory, the ADS Active Directory forest, the LDAP directory, and various others.


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Public Directory

Northwestern provides a public-facing employee directory at that allows people to look up members of the Northwestern community by name, email address, NetID, etc.



Northwestern’s central API service registry is the recommended method for systems to gather identity-related information. Several lookup tools are available depending on what types of information you have and what you’re looking to obtain.


Active Directory

Northwestern manages a central Active Directory forest that receives directory information from the central NetID system, which can be used for authentication and authorization services. Access for a specific Organizational Unit can be delegated out to school or division IT administrators.

Active Directory groups can be managed with the help of a self-service group management tool, which enables group owners to manage systems permissions and membership with a simple user interface.

By special arrangement, schools and divisions may be allowed to synchronize one MS AD forest to the central identity source. The forest administrator must agree to administer access to the information at the same level of privacy and regulatory protection associated with central LDAP services.



The LDAP Registry provides a database for application access to identity services, and the LDAP White Pages allows users and applications to find basic information about people within the University community.

API registry LDAP/Shibboleth Request Access Form Microsoft Azure AD


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API registry
Find more information about identity information available via the API registry.
Request LDAP or Shibboleth
Request LDAP or Shibboleth (SAMLv2) directory access via the Request Access Form.