Public Cloud Account Request

Northwestern faculty, staff, and researchers can request a new public cloud account by emailing or assigning a ticket directly to the NUIT-CI-CloudOps team in Footprints.

When submitting a request, please include the following information:

  • Cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform)
  • Account owner affiliation (University school or department)
  • Billing contact NetID
  • Technical contact NetID
  • Estimated spend in account for current fiscal year
  • Brief description (one or two sentences) of intended use of the account
  • For NIH-funded research, please include an NIH grant number for eligibility for the STRIDES program (AWS and GCP only)

The Northwestern IT Cloud Operations team will reply and help you:

  • Obtain a quote from the provider/reseller
  • Create a purchase order in NUFinancials
  • Configure your access to the account
Public Cloud Account Request

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