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Zoom Meeting - Privacy and Security Settings - ZoomBombing Prevention and Reporting Tips

of these recommendations.   Zoom Meeting - Privacy and Security Settings - ZoomBombing Prevention Tips There are many features within Zoom that can increase the security of your Zoom sessions

Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) Troubleshooting Guide

to access, email  For fsmresfiles users, contact FSM-IT to determine if you have access to the folder you are trying to access.    Have you updated your NetID

CERES: Create and Submit a Funding Proposal

yourself or others as a proposal editor or change the Administrative Contact. Whether you make yourself a proposal editor or set yourself as the Administrative Contact depends on your local business

Smartsheet - Update/Change Default Email Address

This knowledge base article is for users who would like to change their email address in Smartsheet.  Login to Smartsheet Go to 'Accounts' on the bottom left corner > Personal Settings

Using MATLAB on Quest

running and where any print statements in your code will show up. If we enter into the Job1 folder, we will see that for every MATLAB task and/or worker there has a set of files associated with

Modifying your privacy and visibility settings in NUsites

Privacy and Visibility settings allow you to manage and control access to your site. These settings can be updated from the Dashboard > Settings > Reading section of each site dashboard under the

Managing your browser's pop-up blocker

.  Google Chrome Mobile (Android/iOS) Android Tap the Chrome menu . Tap Settings > Site settings > Pop-ups. Turn pop-ups on or off by tapping the slider. iPhone or iPad Tap

Understanding the GL070 Financial Summary Report in Cognos Analytics

Use the GL070 Financial Summary report to see chart strings filtered by project purpose.   For example, if you want to see the financial status of designated chart strings that are set aside

Collaboration Services Requests

. Distribution Lists can be requested here: Distribution Lists Rooms, resources and organizational mailboxes can be requested here: Microsoft 365 SharePoint Sites (including anonymous upload portals) can be

My Wallet Transactions in Expense Reports in NUFinancials

set up in the system, a Printable Version of the Expense Report should be printed and signed by the Expense Report supervisor. To access the Printable Version of the Expense Report, click on the “View

NUPlans Carry Forward View

year’s beginning carry forward is determined in NUFinancials after year-end close and rolled by NUFinancials into next year’s budget.   Contents Upon completion of this guide

Submitting a Payment Request in NUFinancials (Training Guide)

budget check. If the submitter indicated a special request such as a payment message to the supplier or a payment "handling code", Accounts Payable can manually update the voucher per those instructions

CERES: Complete a Budget

-Update SF424 activity is used, it overrides the fields in the SF424 with the information in the funding proposal and budget. If changes are needed, update the funding proposal or budget first, and then

Using Python on Quest

time to set up your environment: $ module load python-miniconda3 $ conda init bash Then log out of Quest and log back in. Once you have done this, you can use conda activate instead of source

Debugging your Slurm submission script on Quest

begin with #SBATCH. To debug job scripts that generate errors, look up the error message in the section below to identify the most likely reason your script received that error message. Once you have