Securing a personal computer at Feinberg School of Medicine for use with Duo Device Health (DDH)

In order to configure your Northwestern email account in Outlook or to use the Microsoft Teams application, you will need to install BigFix and our BIG-IP Edge Client. In order to successfully install these applications, your computer's hard drive will need to be encrypted and an antivirus needs to be installed and fully updated before being able to install these applications.


Hard drive encryption

Antivirus Software

  • Consumer 
    • Sophos AV 10.3.x (Mac/PC)
    • Windows Defender (PC only)
  • Enterprise
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3.x
    • SentinelOne 22.1.x
    • Trend Micro Apex One 14.0.x
    • Crowdstrike Falcon 6.45.x
    • McAfee Endpoint Security 5.7.6.x

Duo Device Health

  • Once you have full disk encryption and antivirus software, you can install our Duo Device Health application

    • The installation files can be found here (click on the version you need)

      • Download link for PC and Mac

  • After you have installed Duo Device Health, encrypted your hard drive, and installed an approved anti-virus program you can successfully connect to Northwestern sites and resources using Duo multi-factor authentication

  • Additionally, here are instructions to setup your local Outlook email client:

Please note that we are limited in our support for personal computers. We can respond to your questions and point you to the correct solution, but we cannot assist you remotely or on-site. If you have questions, please review our FAQ or email our service desk at



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