Cancel Receipts Using Add/Update Receipts in NUFinancials

This Guide walks a User through the steps of canceling a Receipt from the Add/Update Receipts page.

A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.

Receipts can be canceled from Add/Update Receipts or Manage Requisitions.

These steps focus on the Add/Update Receipts page.

Can a receipt that’s been applied via Add/Update also be canceled via Manage Requisition and vice versa?

Also if there’s been a change to a PO, the receipt can only be entered via Add/Update, correct?

Why do you cancel a receipt?

Reasons for canceling a receipt include:

  • You entered a receipt in
  • You need to cancel a receipt as part of a change request or rolled purchase

What information do you need to cancel a receipt?

  • You need the Purchase Order ID number, beginning
  • If you do not have access to the Purchase Order ID, you can look it up using your Requester NetID in Manage Requisitions. 

Cancel a Receipt

Navigation: Access NUFinancials > Login > NavBar > Navigator > Purchasing > Receipts > Add/Update Receipts

  1. Click the Find an Existing Value tab.


  1. Enter search
    • In PO Number, enter the purchase order ID
    • Alternatively, in Receipt Number, enter the Receipt
    • Alternatively, in Receipt Date, select the date from the calendar.
  1. Click Search.

(A page containing the receipt appears. If you have multiple search results, however, click the Receipt Number or PO Number of the receipt you want to cancel.)


  1. Click the red X to cancel the Receipt
    • To cancel the entire receipt, click the red X at the top of the page.
    • To cancel an individual line of the receipt, click the red X to the far right of the line.


  1. A message prompt appears. Click Yes.
  2. Click Save.

A receipt ID is created. After the cancellation, the Receipt Status at the top of the page now reads:

  • Canceled: for any receipt with all lines canceled.
  • Fully Received: for any receipt with a remaining line that was not canceled, the receipt Status remains Fully Received.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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