Sending Ad Hoc Document or Transactional Contract for Signature via DocuSign in NUFinancials

There may be instances where it is necessary to download and send documents/contracts for signature directly from DocuSign rather than via NUFinancials. This may be necessary to utilize options only available in DocuSign such as applying signature and other tags, giving signers the ability to edit a document, etc. Once the document/contract is fully signed, the executed copy will need to be uploaded back to NUFinancials. This guide will walk users through the DocuSign process via NUFinancials or alternatively, directly through DocuSign.

Step 1: Find an Existing Document

Navigation: NUFinancials > Navigator > Supplier Contracts > Create Contracts and Documents > Document Management

Tip: Click 3 Bar Action List icon > Add to Favorites > OK


  1. Click Find an Existing Document.



  1. Select a Source Transaction: Enter additional search criteria as needed.
  2. Click Search.
  3. From the Search Results, click on the Document Keys link of the Contract ID you wish to This takes you to the Document Management page.

Step 2: Document Management

Confirm Document Status

  1. Confirm that the contract document is showing Status

o If the contract document is not in a dispatched status please see Step 2: Document Management in the Finish a Transactional Contract Job Aid KB article.


Obtain Signatures & Attach


  1. Obtain internal signatures.
  1. Click View Document, open the XML document in Word (2007 or later, not IE plugin) and save file (document will automatically convert to pdf file when uploaded to e-signature software).
  2. You may wish to Create an Executive Summary to accompany the If you done so and wish to send the Executive Summary to support the request for signature on the contract, download the document.
  3. If you would like to send any attachments to support the request for signature on the contract, download the document(s).
  1. Upload and send any relevant documents for signature via DocuSign.


  1. Log in at, click New, Send an Envelope.
  2. Upload attachment(s).
  3. Add Recipients and Set Signing Order.
  4. Add Email Subject and Message.
  5. Click Next.


  1. Apply Standard Field tags by selecting the appropriate signer and dragging and dropping the desired fields in the contract document.
  2. Click Send.


  1. Once internally signed, you (and any signers) will receive an email notification with the completed documents. It is recommended that you attach the contract (and any other applicable documents) via Attachments/Related Documents in Document Management.


  1. Click Upload another Document Attachment Browse and Upload your saved file.
  2. Click the Allow Email/Dispatch checkbox (as needed, to send this document to the supplier).
  3. Enter a descriptive Title for the attachment.
  4. To add more details, click the Description tab and enter a Document Description (optional).
  5. Click OK.

 Execute & Mark as Approved

  1. Click Execute Contract.
  2. Click Contract ID # link.


  1. Set Contract Status to “Approved”.
  •  Please note that changes can only be made to the Contract Entry page if the status is set to Open.
  1. Scroll down and click Save (not shown).
  • Click OK to warning message (as applicable).
  • The contract is now ready to requisition against.
  • Provide your requester with the Contract ID number, supplier and Category selected.



For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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