Requesting a Cash Advance in NUFinancials

Explains the policy around requesting for a cash advance and lists out the steps to create one for yourself or for another employee as expense proxy.


Requesting/Create a Cash Advance

  • For yourself or as proxy for someone else
  • Advances are not given in cash; they are paid via direct deposit (like payroll).
    • Employees who do not receive their payroll via direct deposit may request a printed check.

What rules govern Advances?

  • Advances are only available to University employees.
  • Advances must be for $350.00 or more.

When is this process not used? 

  • Expenses created from Expense Reports will be reflected in reports as expenses once they are budget checked, even if all approvals have not been processed.
  • Sponsored Project Expenses - F&A will not be applied to these expenses until they have been completely approved.

When is a Cash Advance not used?

  • When expense has already occurred (create an Expense Report instead)
  • When you can use the NU Procurement Card (P-card)
  • When you can pre-pay for fees using a Payment Request or by creating a Requisition/Purchase Order.

Additional Resources

Search in NUFinancials to Create a Cash Advance

Navigation: NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expense Center

This page should appear


Step 1: Create Cash Advance

On the Travel and Expense Center page:

  1. Click Cash Advance

Click Create/Modify.

  1. Under Add a New Value, Click Add.
  2. After verifying your ID, Click Add to add a new request.


Note: Your Employee ID will Automatically populate, however if you are a Proxy for another employee you can type their ID in the EmplID box or use the magnifying glass icon to search and select it form the list.

Step 2: Entering Field Information

  1. Select the Business Purpose from the Business Purpose
  2. Click inside the Advance Description box and type the reason for creating the Cash Advance.

Fields with an asterisk (*) is REQUIRED.


  1. Select the Source drop-down box.
  2. Click on Automated Clearing House.


Note: Cash Advances are generally made to employs via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction just like payroll deposits. There are times when a physical check may be required from the system. To request a check of an ACH click System Check**

  1. Click in the Description box to enter a description for the Cash Advance.
  2. Click in the Amount box and enter a dollar amount for the advance being requested.
  3. Optional: Click on Notes to add additional information for your approvers to see.
  4. Optional: Click Attachments to add any attachment.
  5. Click in the Check Box. (Before you submit a cash advance request, you must certify the all the above by clicking the check box and the Submit Cash Advance button will activated)
  6. Enter the Reconciliation Chart String information, which are required to submit an advance:
    • Account Code – Must be an expense account code that best describes the nature of the expense where the amount will be used
    • Department ID – The department that will fund the expenses that will be incurred using the advance paid out to the employee
    • Expected Date – When the employee expects to reconcile and/or pay back the advance
  7. Click Submit Cash Advance to submit the request.
  8. After clicking the Submit Cash Advance button, a confirmation page will appear.
  9. Click OK to complete the submission of the Cash Advance Request.


  1. Once you click OK, you will receive a message with a confirmation number that shows the request has been submitted for approval.


Search for the Submitted Requests

Navigation: NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expense Center

On the Travel and Expense Center page:

  1. Click Cash Advance
  2. Click View


  1. Click Search.


  1. A list of Cash Advance request will appear.
  2. Click on the request you want view.


Note: Definition of the status:

  • Paid: Payment Processing is complete.
  • Pending: An employee has not submitted the cash advance or the approver denied and returned the cash advance to the employee or the employee “Saved for Later” or “Withdrew” the CA.
  • Reconcile: The cash advance is applied to an Expense Report.
  • Staged: The cash advance is staged for payment.
  • Submitted: the cash advance is ready for the approval to process.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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