Introducing the iBuyNU Interface for NUFinancials

This Guide describes the iBuyNU interface and how you can configure it.


Home Page

The home page of iBuyNU are shown and described below in three areas: top, middle, and bottom.

Top Area









Search bar is one of several tools in this system to help you find a product in the marketplace. Search by keyword, supplier or manufacturer part number, UNSPSC code, or contract number.


Automatic / Category

Drop-down that identifies the category to search based on the keyword entered in Search bar. Automatic is the default, which causes the system to decide the category to search. To search all suppliers, click the drop-down and select All Suppliers from the menu.


Shopping Cart

Hover to view products currently selected and checkout/assign to a requester. Click to do the same and view cart assignments, group carts, and cart history.



Click to view your profile or return to NUFinancials or Logout.



System generic help.


Configure Page

Personalize what widgets (sections) display on your home page.


Action Menu

Links to various displays and functions:

  • 01  home – Displays the Home page
  • 02  search – Displays Quick Find search, additional fields including supplier name, part number, quantity.
  • 03  requests - Manage and monitor your purchase requests as they proceed through the purchase request workflow.
  • 04  orders - Manage and monitor the purchase orders (POs) you generated within the system.
  • 05 invoices – Manage and monitor your invoices generated within the system.
  • 06 suppliers - Displays only the active suppliers and catalogs assigned to you that are available for you to shop.
  • 07 packages - Displays user and University-defined groupings of items to help make finding and purchasing products easier.
  • 08 messages – Displays the Message Center where you can view various iBuyNU messages.


University Information

Branding area that displays University information that may change from time to time.


Company Announcements

Communications area that Procurement and Payment Services will use to broadcast various news and updates.


Recently Ordered

Displays the last 25 items ordered per department membership usage in a carousel view. Items ordered through a punchout catalog do not show in this section.

Shoppers Note: This section will be present but will not show any ordered items since the requester orders items. 

Middle Area







Actionable Items

Displays items that require attention. The larger circle displays the total number of actionable items for a given category, and the smaller circle displays the number of urgent actionable items for that given category. An item becomes urgent after being idle for three or more days. Click the smaller circle under a category to view the actionable items.


Saved and Shared Carts

Displays the last three carts saved by the user or shared by another user. Click the cart icon to add the contents to the current cart. Click View All to display all of the saved and shared carts or to modify a cart.



Displays up to three user-selected items from hosted or realtime suppliers. Click the cart icon to add the item to the current cart. Click View All to display all of the user-selected items or remove an item from Favorite Products.

Bottom Area




Policy Documents

Displays up to 5 documents created by Procurement and Payment Services that provide purchasing guidance. Click Show More to view all.


Saved Searches

Displays the last three saved searches. Click the magnifying glass icon  to perform the saved search. Click View All to display all saved searches or to delete a saved search.

Configure the Home Page

  1. Click the widget configuration icon to enter configuration mode.

The widgets collapse. Widgets that are currently hidden appear with a gray background.


  1. To redisplay a hidden widget, click .
  2. To hide a widget:
    1. Click .


  1. Click Disable Widget


  1. Click the widget configuration icon 12  to exit widget configuration mode.

Additional Resources


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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