NUFinancials: Manage Group Carts in iBuyNU

This guide discusses how to manage Group Carts created and shared in iBuyNU.

You can create a shopping cart in iBuyNU that others can add to and edit.

Create a Group Cart

To create a group cart:

  1. Shop and add items to your shopping cart. For information on shopping and creating a cart, see Create and Assign a Shopping Cart Training Document KB article.
  2. Click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC01.JPG on the purple header bar.

iBuyNU displays your current shopping cart.


  1. Click Create Group Cart.


  1. Type a Request Description The name you enter will export to NUFinancials when the cart is checked out by the Requester. See the iBuyNU Shopping Cart Naming Conventions KB article for more details.
  2. Click Group Cart.


  1. Add Group Members or User Groups
    1. Group Members
      1. Add one or more members to the group cart
      2. Click in the Group Members
      3. Type a last name (or first).
      4. Select the member to be added from the list
      5. Repeat steps i - iv to add additional members
    2. User Groups
      1. Add one user group to the group
      2. Click in the User Groups field
      3. Type the name of the user group
      4. Select the user group to be added from the list
      5. All members of the user group will display in the Group Members
  1. Optionally, include Notes – Enter any comments you would like all group members to review.
  2. Click Submit.

iBuyNU adds the cart to your Group Cart and adds it to the Group Cart of the members you included. iBuyNU also sends an email to the group members notifying them that they’ve been invited to a group cart.

 View and Edit a Group Cart

  1. Click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC05.JPG on the purple header bar.
  2. Click Group Cart.

iBuyNU displays Group Carts that you created and group carts of which you are a member.


From the Group Cart page you can edit the cart, assign it for purchasing (Shopper or Requester), check the cart out (Requester), or delete the cart.

Edit or Delete a Group Cart

  1. Click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC07.JPG to unlock the cart (Unlocking will automatically make the cart your active cart)
  2. Click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC08.JPG to edit the cart.


iBuyNU switches to the group cart. The number of items in the shopping cart on the purple header bar will reflect the number of items in the group cart.

  • To delete a cart you created, click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC10.JPG .
  • To edit the name of the group cart or modify the group members, click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC11.JPG . iBuyNU displays details of the group cart for editing.
  • To add more items to the group cart, shop for the additional items as you normally would by entering a keyword in the Search bar or performing a quick find if you know the part number
    ( /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC12.JPG ) and add the items to the cart.

Assign the Cart for Purchasing or Check Out

  1. If the cart is unlocked, lock it by clicking  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC13.JPG . (The cart must be locked for it to be assigned.)
  2. Click  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC14.JPG .

iBuyNU displays the Assign Group Cart window.


  1. Click in the Assign To field and type the name
    • Type a last name (or first).
    • Select the member to be added from the list.
  2. Optionally, type a Comment.
  3. Click Submit.

iBuyNU sends an email notification to the Requester and changes the Type in the Group Cart display to Pending

User Groups

New functionality added to group carts now allows you to select other users of iBuyNU to be part of a User Group.  The User Group can be selected and all members will be automatically part of the group cart without selecting them individually. 

Creating a User Group

   To create a user group: 

  1. Click on the on  /images/group293/shared/ESAF/NUFinancials/iBuyNU/MGC16.JPG the purple header bar.
  1. Click on User Group and the User Groups page will display.


  1. From the User Groups page, click  .

iBuyNU displays the Users Groups window.


  1. Name field: Name your User Group, e.g., Team Research.
  2. Group Members field: Type a last name (or first) to select members.  You can select as many as many members as you like. 
  3. Click Submit (Your new User Group will display on the User Group Page.)
  4. To make changes to your user group:
    1. To make edits to your User Group, i.e. remove a user or add additional, click .
    2. To delete your User Group, click .

Additional Procurement and Payment Services Resources


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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