Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings provides faculty, staff, and departments with a platform to reserve and book appointments from a convenient web interface.

Note: Bookings is NOT the same as "Bookings with me". 'Bookings with me' works only with your personal calendar for scheduling 1:1 meetings, while Microsoft Bookings is designed for team or departmental use where you may have multiple staff or services to offer.  Also, "Bookings with me" does not create a new mailbox for each Bookings with me page where creating a new "Bookings" will creates a new mailbox to host the Bookings calendar. 

With Microsoft Bookings, you can:

  • Create a booking page where your customers and clients can schedule appointments.
  • Manage your page through a web app that contains a set of web-based pages where you can define appointment types and details, manage staff schedules and availability, set business hours, and customize how appointments are scheduled. This web-based scheduling page can be shared via a direct link, your Facebook page, and even through link embedding within your website.
  • Use a mobile app where you can see all appointments, access customer lists, and contact information, and make manual bookings on the go.

A license is needed to use Bookings.
All Faculty and Staff are licensed for Booking at no cost.  

Northwestern IT recommends utilizing local IT support at your School/Unit if you need additional support or training on Microsoft Bookings. Unfortunately, Northwestern IT provides Microsoft Bookings, "as-is", and is limited to support for licensing only.   

More Help and Training

For additional help and support getting started, you can view these videos:




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