Inserting SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails in Windows

This provides instructions on how to insert SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails in Windows.


  1. Click "New Message."
  2. Click on the Paper Clip (attachment) icon. 


  3. At the bottom of the drop-down click on "Browse Web Locations". 

  4. OneDrive - Northwestern University is your OneDrive account, Sites - Northwestern University are your SharePoint sites.
  5. Click on either depending upon where the file(s) you wish to share is located.
  6. Once you have navigated and selected the file you wish to share, click on either "Share link" or "Attach as copy".

    Note: The Share link will allow your recipients to be able to edit and respond in real-time. Attach as a copy is similar to attaching a file locally from your computer. 

  7. Regardless of your choice, your attachment should be displayed on your new message as an attachment. 

For additional information, please visit Microsoft - Shareable links in Outlook.




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