What’s New in NUPlans for FY 2023 Budgeting

Enhancements to NUPlans for FY 2023 Budgeting


Multi-line Grant Proposals (Grants Budgeting)

  • Up to 5 fund/department combinations can be created for each proposal
  • The first line must have a 6 series fund to determine proposal’s fringe benefit rate
  • Only cost share and sponsored funds can be used for proposal lines
  • Additional fund/department combinations can be added to a proposal after creation through the Modify Proposal page
  • Once a department is assigned to a line, only the fund can be changed for that line
  • Cost share combinations will be created with 88991/88992 accounts only, other accounts will need to be added via Add Account to String
  • Cost share combinations can be inactivated via Change Chart String Status
  • Proposals are available for use immediately



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Cost Share Budget Entry

  • Functions like other fund input tabs
  • Funds 191, 192, and 193 appear on the same Cost Share Input tab in Contributor
  • Existing cost share strings from NUFinancials have been imported
  • Grant Proposals added with a Cost Share fund line will appear in the Cost Share Input tab once an account has been added to the string
  • Salary entries will flow when account exists or has been added to the string
  • Data does not flow into NUFinancials





Ability to filter Budget Summary reports by Project Purpose and Management Level


New project attribute filters now available on following reports:

  • Budget Summary Report
  • Budget Summary by Fund

Cross Budget Grouping Salary Placeholders)

  • The new “Edit Placeholders – HD” will be available for units who budget compensation by home department.  This tab can be used to edit existing data for Budget Grouping Placeholders that have been added to the system.
  • Placeholder approval is required by the Budget Grouping who created the placeholder.  When approved, placeholders will automatically flow without additional approval to other budget groupings who budget compensation by home department.
  • Units who do not budget compensation by home department must also approve the placeholder for it to flow to their budget (approval is done on “Add Placeholder Data” or “Edit Placeholders” Contributor tabs.)
  • Budget Groupings in Prep Files that use Compensation by Home Department must specify Home Department for each Budget Grouping Placeholder added
  • Home Departments must align with Budget Grouping
  • If Home Department is changed (using Modify Placeholder) after data has been entered, previously entered data is zeroed out
  • Once added, initial entries should be made using the Add Placeholder Data Websheet
  • Only Budget Grouping Placeholders can flow across Budget Groupings, Generic New Employees (generic placeholders) can only be used within a budget grouping
  • Existing “Add Placeholder Data – Simple”, “Add Placeholder Data”, and “Edit Placeholders” Contributor tabs can be used to update generic placeholders and vacant position entries, Budget Grouping Placeholders will appear as read-only



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Management Budget Report - Splitting out of Gifts and Endowments



Access to training and reference materials in Knowledge Base

  • NUPlans training materials are now accessible in the Northwestern Knowledge Base
  • Search “NUPlans” at services.northwestern.edu


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