Look up supplier information in NUFinancials or Cognos

There are different methods to look up supplier (previously called vendor) information to see if they are active.

Method 1 (using NUFinancials):

  1. Navigate to NavBar > Menu > Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Review Suppliers.
  2. To ensure you are only seeing active Suppliers, use the dropdown menu in Supplier Status and select Approved
  3. Enter search criteria in Name field (see search tips below)
    • Use “contains” in field drop down menu Name field.
    • Use capital or lower case letters.
    • Use most unique search keyword.
    • Use partial criteria.
    • Try different fields instead of Name (i.e. city or address).
  4.  Click Search.

Method 2 (Using Cognos SC025-- Note: security authorization required for School > Supply Chain folder):

Begin by logging into Cognos Analytics.

  1. Navigate  to Content > Team Content > Finance Facilities and Research Administration > School > Supply Chain or click on this link and skip to step 3 below.
  2. Click on the SC025 Vendor Info Query link.
  3. Under Vendor Name, type your desired supplier name (or the most unique part of the name) in the Keywords box, click the Options link below the box, and set the search criteria to “Contains any of these keywords.”
  4. After you click Search, select the supplier name and click Insert then click Finish.

If data appears below the header on the report, the supplier is active.  If only column headers appear, the supplier is inactive.



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