Adding a New Supplier - Refund and Reimbursements in NUFinancials

This guide explains how to register a new supplier of the "Refund and Reimbursement" type.


Add New Supplier – Refund and Reimbursement

The Supplier Registration process contains four steps. It starts with a Welcome step, which contains links to forms you will need to add a new Supplier. The W-9 (or W-8 for Foreign suppliers) and the Conflict of Interest forms need to be completed, submitted to, and approved by Human Resources before the supplier request will be entered into NUFinancials. The forms are all downloadable from the New Supplier Registration page. There are four types of Suppliers registered at Northwestern University. 

  1. Supplier 
  2. Attorney 
  3. Independent Contractor 
  4. Refund and Reimbursement

Refund and Reimbursement 

Refund and Reimbursements is used for visitor reimbursements and issuing funds. If the supplier you are registering needs a refund or reimbursement you would choose this option to complete the Supplier Registration. 

Required documentation: 

  • Visitors expense report for reimbursements completed by the submitting department
  • Receipts/Proof of Payment to be obtained from the Supplier. 

For questions, contact the Vendor File Maintenance team at (847) 491-4707.

Search in NUFinancials for the Supplier 

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Suppliers > Supplier Registration > Register Suppliers > New Supplier Registration

You should be able to see this page:


Step 1: New Supplier Registration

On the New Supplier Registration page, find the Select an activity below: field.
  1. Select Start a new registration form.
  2. Select Refund/Reimbursement


  1. Click Next

Note: If you have already started a request, you can select to continue the registration from where you left off by choosing "Continue from where you left off" option.

Step 2: Identifying Information

In Identifying Information, enter information for the independent contractor, attach supporting documents, answer profile questions, and add any comments.


  1.  Enter the Unique ID and Company Profile
  • Tax Identification Number (numbers only, no letters or hyphens).
  • Enter the Entity Name. (The Company Name)
  • Select “Refund” under Classification.

Add Supplier 3

  1. Click on Add attachments. (Follow the steps to browse and upload each document.)-


  2. Click Upload
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Click Upload
Add Supplier 4
  1. Add more attachment if necessary by clicking on the + icon or remove them by clicking - icon.

    Add Supplier 5
    1. Click Return.
    2. Add comments if applicable under Comments section.
    Add Supplier 6
    1. Click Next.

    Step 3: Addresses

    1.    Enter the address of the new supplier.
    2.    If the new supplier has multiple addresses, click the check box for "Remit To Address" and/or "Invoice Address".  (Enter the correct address for each where one exists.)
    Add Supplier 7
    3.    Click Next.

    Note: The Remit to Address determines the address where the Payment is to be made. The Invoice Address is the Supplier’s address from which an invoice is received.



    Step 4: Submit

    On the Submit page, you have the option to click “Review” to review your request or “Save for Later” under the Terms and Conditions section.
    Add Supplier 8
    1.    If you are ready to submit, enter or confirm the email address for communications about this request.
    2.    Click the Terms of Agreement check box
    3.    Click Submit.
    Add Supplier 9
    You will receive a confirmation of your submission.  You can search for the submission by the “Registration ID” number later.

    Add Supplier 10

    For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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