Changing your NetID password remotely on a Northwestern-owned Windows computer


Your Northwestern Windows computer is likely configured so that you use your NetID and NetID password to log in to it. If you change your NetID password when your computer is not on the Northwestern network, then you risk putting your local and domain passwords out of sync, which could result in you being unable to log in to your Northwestern computer.

Follow these steps to keep the passwords in sync.

  1. Make note of your current password in case you need it later.
  2. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN (for help see 94726). You must be connected to VPN before you proceed. This makes your computer look like it's on the Northwestern network.
  3. Change your NetID password at (for help see 62256).
  4. Once you change your NetID password, lock your Northwestern computer by pressing the Windows and L keys on your keyboard.
  5. Press any key to unlock your computer. When prompted, enter your NetID and your new NetID password.


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