Submit a Supplier Change Request in NUFinancials

This article provides instructions for requesting changes to a Supplier's Name, Dispatch Method, Address, and Telephone Number.


Submit a Supplier Change Request 

There are three options for modifying a supplier. You may request changes for:
  • Name
  • Dispatch Method
  • Address and/or telephone


Note: If the supplier’s Tax ID Number (TIN) has also changed, use the Supplier Registration page to modify the supplier information instead.


Before you launch into the Supplier Change Request, you will need to create one or more attachments.  If the Supplier is requesting a name change, you will need to obtain a completed and signed W-9 form.

Click W-9 form link to open the document.  If the supplier is a foreign corporation, you will need to complete the W-8 instead of the W-9.


  • This form is a .PDF and it is recommended that you print the form, fill it out, obtain signatures and date it, and then scan the form back into your computer before you begin the Supplier Change Request process.


Search in NUFinancials for the Supplier

Navigation: NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Suppliers > Supplier Change Request > Initiate Supplier Change 
Initiate Supplier Change
  1. Click on the search icon in the Supplier ID field. 
Supplier Search 1
  1. Change the Search By in the pop-up window to Supplier Name
  2. Enter the Supplier Name.  
  3. Click Look Up
Supplier Look Up
  1. Click on the Supplier Name from the search results. 
Click Supplier Name
  1. Click Create New Request
Create New Request

Modify Supplier Name  

There are some reminders on the Welcome page to complete before proceeding with the process. 
  1. Click Next.

Click Next

Name option: If you need to change the name of the supplier, enter it in the Supplier Name field. (An updated W-9 with the correct name is REQUIRED.)
  1. Click Expand All.
Click Expand All
  1. Click Add/View Attachments and add the attachments you have stored on your computer. 
  • Here is where you will attach the W9 form for the Name change, or the Invoice, Quotation, or letter from the supplier if the request is for an Address or Telephone number change.  
Click Add/View Attachments
  1. Click OK after uploading the file.
Click OK
  1. Dispatch method option: If you need to change the dispatch method, make changes in the fields.  Dispatch methods for purchase orders are Email or Fax.
    • Click Select.
    • Select an option.
    • Click Return.
    • Enter a fax number or email address.
    • Enter comments regarding this supplier change.
Enter Profile Information     
Email Information
  1. Click Next.
Click Next

Change or Add New Address or Telephone Number for Supplier 

  1. Click Add New Address to add a new address and/or phone number to the supplier record. 
Add New Address
  1. Enter a description of the address: Remit To, Order, BOTH
  2. If this is a foreign supplier, select the country and the address fields will change to reflect the country’s address system.
  3. Enter the Address as completely as possible.
  4. Select a Phone Type.
  5. Enter a Location.
  6. Enter the Telephone number.
  7. Optional: Click Add Phone to add additional phone numbers.
  8. Select a date for the changes to take effect.
  9. Click OK.

Click OK

  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the information.
  2. After validating all the information, click Next
Click the Pencil Icon

Review and Submit Changes

After clicking next, a confirmation page appears:
Confirmation page
  1. Verify that your email is correct. If not, correct it now.  
  2. Optional: Click Review.  A review page will open with a summary of your request.  If the request is correct, click Return.
Review Request
  1. Click the Confirm Changes check box. This will activate the Submit button.
  2. Click Submit.
Submit Changes
A confirmation message will appear with your Supplier Change Request ID.
Confirmation Message
You will receive an email notification if your Supplier Request has been: 
  • Successfully saved and submitted. 
  • Sent back and requires your attention.
  • Approved and the supplier is ready for use.

Search for the Supplier Change Request

To search or see the status of a Supplier Change Request navigate to:
NUFinancials > Navigator > Suppliers > Supplier Change Request > View History
View History
  1. Under the Request Type, select “Request Supplier Change” from the dropdown box. 
  2. Click Search
  3. A list of the Supplier Change Requests will display. 
  4. You should be able to see the Request ID, Supplier ID, Company/Supplier name, Change Status, and Created Date of the request. 

View Submitted Request

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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