Installing and configuring the Senturus Analytics Connector for Tableau

Senturus Analytics Connector allows Tableau to tap directly and securely into the clean, organized data in Cognos. The straightforward user interface allows you to simply drag and drop data into Tableau.

The Senturus Analytics Connector gives an elegant, simple solution for leveraging the best of your enterprise Cognos Analytics BI and Tableau self-service analytics tools.

  • Connects securely to Cognos Analytics via ODBC
  • Retrieves Cognos package and report metadata
  • Lets users drag and drop query subjects into Tableau
  • Requires no joining or remodeling (when using a Cognos Package as the single source)
  • Pushes queries back to Cognos for optimal execution

Installation Guide for instructions on installing and configuring the Senturus Analytics Connector. Follow the steps below to install Senturus Analytics Connector 3.2.1.


  1. Before Installing the Senturus Analytics Connector 3.2.1 version, take a backup of the DatasourceConfig.exe file located in the Senturus Connector install directory.
    • Skip this step if it is the first time installation of the Senturus Connector.
  2. Download AnalyticsConnector_x64_3.2.1.exe and run it with administrator privilege.
    • If any prerequisite software is missing, you will be prompted for downloading and installing prerequisite software first. Otherwise installer will jump directly to Select Destination Location.
    • The installer will take care of uninstalling the previous version if this is an upgrade to Senturus Analytics Connector 3.2.1.
  3. Click Next to start downloading prerequisite software.
  4. Once all installers are downloaded, click Next. You will see Installing Prerequisite Software page and automatically popped up installer window.
  5. You will see the progress dialog while Microsoft .NET 4.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistribute (x64) are being installed, but Java Runtime installation is silent.

  6. Once all prerequisite software is installed, click on Next button.
  7. After all prerequisite software is installed, the installer will start installing the Senturus Analytics Connector. Select your installation location; the default is C:SenturusAnalytics Connector. Click Next.
  8. If this is the first Installation, you will need a SenturusODBC.key file from Senturus.
    • free trial key is available by contacting Senturus Support. Once purchased, you will receive a key from Senturus tied to your purchased licenses. Open the key file using a text editor (i.e. Notepad). Copy all the content and paste it into the in Key File page input.
    • NOTE:
    • If you are upgrading and already have a SenturusODBC.key file in the installation directory, the installer will read it and automatically populate the content here. Click Next.
  9. Select the Cognos BI Server version as Cognos11.1.1 and click Next.
  10. Review installation options, and click Install button.
  11. Once the installation is complete, click Finish.

Step 2: Post Installation - Senturus ODBC license

  1. Copy the DatasourceConfig.exe file that you took a backup before installing the Senturus connector into the installation directory.
    Note: If this is the first time installation, download the DataSourceConfig.xml file from box and place it in the installation directory which defaults to C:Program FilesSenturusAnalytics Connector. Link for download.


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