Add SharePoint to OneDrive

All SESP shared files and folders are recommended to be hosted on a SharePoint site.  All SESP faculty members have a dedicated  SharePoint site for their research and project data.  Most SESP departments have a dedicated SharePoint site as well.  If you have shared files and folders which are currently in your individual OneDrive account, please contact the SESP Tech team and we can help coordinate moving those folders to SharePoint.

While SharePoint is the best solution for storing your shared folders, OneDrive offers the best user experience for interacting with your files.  Files and folders on SharePoint can be easily added to OneDrive.

If someone sends you a link to a SharePoint document library that you wish to add to OneDrive follow the steps below

Click on the link to the SharePoint document library.

Once you are on the SharePoint site click the Add shortcut to OneDrive button.

This will add the SharePoint site as a folder in both your OneDrive web portal –