This page provides information regarding research related resources available to SESP community members.


SESP maintains a remote desktop and data storage solution dedicated to SESP research use of the qualitative research tool Nvivo.  Additional information available here.

Stata / Linux Cluster

SESP has partnered with Kellogg and Northwestern IT to provide all SESP community members with access to the Kellogg Linux Cluster (KLC).  Information regarding accessing the KLC is available here. The KLC provides access to Stata on high performance computers.


SESP maintains a FileMaker server which is available for use by Northwestern community members.   Information regarding FileMaker at SESP  is available here.


Qualtrics is available to all Northwestern community members.  Information regarding Quatrics is available here.


A large portfolio of research software is available in the NUworkspace virtual desktop solution.  NUworkspace is availabe to all Northwestern community members.  Information regarding NUworkspace is available here.

Research Data Storage

Research data storage is available from a number of solutions at SESP.

  • Kellogg Linux Cluster - All account on the KLC receive an 80 GB home directory which can be utilized for data storage.  Additional storage can be requested in the /projects/sesp directory.  To request either access to the KLC or to request additional data storage capacity please open a support request with the SESP technology team - Report An Issue
  • RDSS - Many researchers at SESP utilize RDSS for high performance data storage.  Additional information regarding RDSS is available at - RDSS.  To request access to RDSS please open a support request with the SESP technology team - Report An Issue.
  • SharePoint / OneDrive / MS Teams -  Many researchers at SESP utilze SharePoint for storing research data. All SharePoint sites at SESP are available at - /SESP Additional information regarding SharePoint is available at - SharePoint

SESP Academic Software Resources

SESP maintains a portfolio of applications which are utilized by our community members.

To request access to any of these applications please open a support request with the SESP technology team - Report An Issue.


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