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This article details the request process for third-party integrations with Canvas. These integrations (also referred to as LTIs and commonly referred to as learning apps) connect third-party software with Canvas courses. Examples include courseware from textbook publishers, polling and discussion tools, and lecture capture integrations. All instructors, units, or schools are required to follow the process outlined on this page before proceeding with a Canvas integration.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the commitment involved with reviewing, testing, and supporting integrations, requests by individual instructors or for a limited number of Canvas courses will not be considered at this time. If you are representing a unit that is requesting a department or school-wide Canvas integration, please read the following before contacting Northwestern IT with your request.


Request Process

Third-party integrations with Canvas require a multi-stage review process which includes the following:

1. Service Provider Security Assessment (SPSA)

  • A Service Provider Security Assessment (SPSA) will be completed by the vendor or third party providing the tool and/or Canvas integration.
  • This assessment will be completed in the RiskConnect platform and will be reviewed by the Northwestern Information Security Office.
  • Once the review is completed, the requesting unit and Teaching & Learning Technologies staff members will review the risk summary and determine whether to proceed.

2. Review of Canvas integration instructions

  • Teaching & Learning Technologies staff members will review the Canvas Integration documentation.
  • For security, privacy, and FERPA-compliance purposes, certain integrations will not be authorized in Canvas.

3. Accessible Purchase Process

  •  The requesting unit or school will work with the vendor to complete the steps associated with the Accessible Purchasing Process.
  •  If necessary, the requesting unit or school will file an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan with the Office of Equity and share the plan with Teaching & Learning Technologies.

4. Contract Review and Information Security Agreement

  • A contract review will be conducted by Northwestern IT and, if applicable, the Office of General Counsel.
  • If there is no contract or agreement (e.g., the requested integration is free or tied to an individual purchase by an instructor or students), the vendor will be asked to sign an Information Security Agreement with FERPA provisions.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All information technology contracts should be signed by a signatory within Northwestern IT.

Once the above steps are complete and the requesting unit and Northwestern IT are comfortable proceeding, the requesting unit, vendor, and Teaching & Learning Technologies will proceed with testing and the creation of support documentation and protocols. Only if testing is satisfactory and support is in place can integration with Canvas proceed.


Post-Integration Updates

  • Northwestern IT requires a Service Provider Security Assessment every two years. A member of Northwestern IT will contact the school or unit and vendor when the review cycle is approaching.
  • The requesting unit or school will be responsible for staying up to date with a tool or service‚Äôs accessibility information and will notify the Office of Equity and Teaching & Learning Technologies of any changes.
  • If a vendor is planning to update or change their existing Canvas integration, the school or unit should contact Teaching & Learning Technologies for a review.
  • If the school or unit no longer wishes to use the Canvas integration or the tool, please contact Teaching & Learning Technologies.


To initiate a Canvas integration request, please contact Teaching & Learning Technologies.

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