Searching for Actuals Journals

How do you find journals that you or your colleagues created previously? Use the Actuals Journal Search in NUFinancials. You can see journals created by anyone. You can modify journals that you create.

Navigate to the Actuals Journal Search

In NUFinancials, Navigator > Actuals Journal > Add/Update Actuals Journal > Find an Existing Value



Hot Tip! Avoid clicking Search without first entering criteria.

Hot Tip! You can search for journals in a Deleted status to copy and resubmit in the next accounting period.

Search for a journal with the Journal ID

This search is convenient when you have the Journal ID at hand, whether from an NUFinancials budget inquiry or from a Cognos report, such as the GL008 Revenue and Expense Activity Report.

# Parameter Operator Action
1 Journal ID equal to Enter the Journal ID in the blank provided.
2 Search N/A Click Search. Result: The NUFinancials Journal Search page opens in a new window (shown below).


  • If you enter the exact Journal ID, the search results page will be bypassed and you will be taken directly to the Journal page.
  • If the search found multiple matches, the matches appear on a line under the heading "Search Results."
  • If there is no match, a message states, "No records found for the given search criteria."
  • Click the Journal ID to view the journal. If you are the journal creator, you can continue editing the journal as necessary.


Search for all journals that you created (or all recent journals that you created)

This search is convenient to monitor the progress of all your journals. If you create many journals, you may want to limit the search to recent journals, as explained below.


Search for journals that are incomplete

You can search for journals by Journal Header Status to find incomplete journals and journals with errors. Find definitions of all journal statuses in Appendix A.


Search for journals that are pending approval

Journals with the Workflow Status Pending Approval were submitted to workflow but not yet approved. You may need to remind an approver when a deadline approaches. Those steps are also given.



  • In the list of Search Results, click a Journal ID to view the journal. Result: the Review Journal page opens in a new window (shown below).

  •   Click Pending Approval. Result: the Approval Status page appears (below) with a depiction of the workflow for each chart string.


  • Most chart strings have multiple approvers assigned. If so, the phrase "Multiple Approvers" appears. If only one approver exists, the name is given.
    • Click Multiple Approvers. Result: the names of approvers appear in a popup window (below).
  • The window displays approvers' names, NetIDs, and email addresses. Only one approver is required to take action per step.


Search for journals that were sent back

Journals with the Workflow Status Denied were returned to you by the approver. You should find and open such journals to read the approver's comments for advice and next steps. This is a variation of the Workflow Status search depicted above.