Determining Number of Document Versions (SharePoint and OneDrive)

To view and manage multiple versions of a document   

  1. Open OneDrive (  

  1. Click the Gear icon. 

  1. Click "Site Settings" in right-hand "Settings" panel. 

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  1. On the Notification Settings page click on “More Settings” in the left pane.  

  1. Scroll to the “Features and Storage” area and click "Storage Metrics" on the "More Settings" page. 

  1. Click through the folders on the “Storage Metrics” page to locate the document for which you’d like version information. Click on “Version History”. 

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  1. The Version History page will allow you to Delete All Versions, or View and/or Restore versions.  


  • When using the Move command to relocate data to another OneDrive or SharePoint account versions will be preserved.  

  • As each version of the document is included when using the Move command, moves can take minutes or hours to complete. Consider deleting older versions which may not be needed to reduce time needed to move or rearrange documents and folders.  

  • When using the Copy command to relocate data to another OneDrive or SharePoint account, only the latest version will be retained.  

  • When moving or copying data from OneDrive there are limitations imposed by Microsoft.  




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