myHR Learn Course Frozen or Can't See Video

You are taking an online training or class in myHR Learn and the course is frozen, no video displays or you only hear audio (e.g., Good Clinical Practices course).

Return to the course in myHR Learn and follow these steps

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox browser
  2. Clear the browser's cookies and cache
  3. Ensure that third party cookies are enabled
  4. Launch course from the original link in myHR Learn
  5. Make sure that you expand/maximize the course pop-up window so that you can access all navigation buttons.
  6. You may leave and return to the training at any point, the course will restart at the point you left off.
  7. When you've come to the end of the training, please wait until you see the arrow pointing to an exit button. Only use that exit button to exit the training.
  8. Screenshot any issues
  9. Save any completion certificates
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