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Request a New Organization on a Funding Proposal

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You may encounter a time when initiating a funding proposal or award where the organization you are searching for, whether a sponsor or subcontract entity, does not yet exist in the NU Organizations list. A new organization can be requested when you create or update a funding proposal, subaward, award, or agreement. The steps are similar for all the projects. Submit a request to SR to have the organization added to the list.

To request a new organization from a Funding Proposal

  1. From your CERES inbox or one of the tabs on the Grants Funding Proposals page, click the name of the funding proposal for which you are requesting a new organization. On the funding proposal workspace, click Edit Funding Proposal.

  2. On the General Proposal Information page of the funding proposal, under “Select the direct sponsor”, select TBD from the Organization list, and enter the organization’s name in the provided text box. Click Save and Exit.

Note: Check the organization list to ensure the organization is not already listed. Filter the organization’s name a couple different ways. You can type a % symbol as a wildcard before or after the characters to narrow down search results.

  1. On the funding proposal workspace, click Create Agreement. Select New Organization Request agreement type from the drop-down box. Click OK to create a new organization request.

Note: While requesting a new organization is not an agreement, the Agreements functionality in CERES is used to collect the information and track the process in workflow.

  1. On the funding proposal workspace, click the Related Projects tab to access the New Organization Request record. Click the ID link to open the Agreement workspace and edit the request.
  2. On the Agreement workspace, click Edit Agreement.
  3. On the Agreement Upload page:
    1. Select yourself as the Agreement manager/Principal investigator.
    2. Check the box for “First draft to be generated internally”.
    3. Select New Organization Request as the Agreement type.
    4. Click Continue.
  4. On the General Information page, enter the name of the new organization in the Contracting party name text box.
  5. Supply the information requested on each page and click Continue.
  6. When satisfied with all your entries, click Finish.
  7. On the Agreement workspace, click Submit.

SR will review the request, vet the organization, and add it to the Organization list, if appropriate. SR will be in contact if any additional information is necessary.



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