CERES: Respond to a Clarification Request


Respond to a Clarification Request

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After reviewing a funding proposal, the reviewer may request changes. When they do, the RA receives an email notification with a link to the funding proposal, and the funding proposal appears in their CERES inbox. The proposal team must make the appropriate changes and submit the revised proposal for review again. Changes can be requested during Department Review or Specialist Review.

  1. Navigate to the funding proposal by clicking its name in the email notification or from your CERES inbox.
  2. You can click the History tab to review the change request.
  3. From the funding proposal workspace, click Edit Funding Proposal. You can also use the Reviewer Notes tab on the workspace to navigate to the SmartForm pages with reviewer notes.
  4. Navigate to a page containing reviewer notes and click a note icon to open it.
  5. Review the notes the reviewer left. The reviewer may have indicated that your response is required to the note. Make the appropriate changes to the proposal.
  6. When you've made the change for that reviewer note, or if no change is needed, open the reviewer note, and click Reply. If a note is marked "Response Required," you must reply to submit the funding proposal for re-review.
  7. In the text box that appears in the reviewer note, type a description of the change or explain your response, attach any pertinent files, and then click OK.

Your response appears beneath the review note.

  1. Close the reviewer note once you’ve replied. Make sure to reply to all reviewer notes that are flagged as Response Required.
  2. When finished responding to reviewer notes, click Save, and then Exit.
  3. On the funding proposal workspace, click Submit Changes to Department Reviewer to send it back to the department reviewer.

To send the funding proposal back to the Specialist for re-review, click Submit Changes to Specialist. If the Specialist indicates the department should re-review first, use the Submit Changes to Department Reviewer activity.

  1. Complete the Submit Changes form and click OK.

The proposal returns to the Department Review or Specialist Review states and appears in the CERES inbox of the appropriate reviewer to be rechecked.

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