CERES: Create a Continuation Proposal


Create and Submit a Continuation Proposal from an Active Award

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A continuation is a type of follow-on submission in CERES used primarily for submitting progress reports for review and approval and to request funding of an active award for the upcoming budget year. Typically, it includes a progress report for the closing budget year. RAs will create continuations proposals and submit them to SR for review and approval.

To create a continuation proposal

  1. From the Active Awards tab on Grants Awards page, click the name of the active award for which continuation funding is needed.
  2. On the award workspace, click Create Continuation.

A new funding proposal opens for editing. The system gives it a default name composed of the award name suffixed with the word, “Continuation,” but it can be modified as desired.

  1. On the General Information page, update the title, if necessary, add a description, add the upcoming budget period dates, and respond to the remaining questions. Some of the information, such as the PD/PI, the submitting department, direct sponsor, and the sponsor award number automatically populate on the page. Click Save and Continue.

Note: The continuation proposal and its ID do not exist until the first page is saved. The ID is suffixed with “-Con” and the corresponding continuation number (e.g., “FP00001234-Con1”).

  1. On the Level of Effort & Budgeting page, answer the questions regarding changes in other support, effort, and budget categories. Attach a detailed budget for the upcoming period and click the ellipsis next to the deliverables questions to view the list of deliverables and select the one relevant to the continuation proposal.
  2. On the Compliance page, state if the project involves any compliance requirements in the coming year. If Yes, enter a description and attach any compliance related documents.
  3. On the final page, follow the completion instructions and click Finish.
  4. On the proposal workspace, click Submit for Department Review.

The continuation proposal remains editable until it is submitted for Department Review. The continuation proposal goes through the same review and approval process as an initial funding proposal.


  • For continuation proposals, all attachments are internal since there is no system-to-system submission. RAs can use the Add Attachments activity on the workspace to add internal documents.
  • For NIH progress reports, SR will update the related deliverable in the award once the RPPR is submitted.
  • It is not necessary for the RA to submit an award modification request for continuation funding. When the continuation proposal reaches the Awarded state, the SR member assigned to the award automatically creates a continuation-type award modification and adds the funds the sponsor has released for the next budget period.
  • The funding proposal workspace indicates when it is a continuation proposal. The title has the suffix “- Continuation” (unless it was edited), and a link to the original funding proposal appears below it. Additionally, the ID is suffixed with “-Con” and the corresponding continuation number (e.g., “FP00001234-Con1”). The word “Continuation” is found next to the ID.


Continuation Proposal FAQ's

Question Answer

Q: Will RPPR’s/continuations have their own record number?

A: RPPR’s/continuations will be created from an award record and have a –CON suffix added to the award number and can be opened from the award workspace

Q: I filled out a continuation proposal, but when I validate (all is fine) and finish it, “Submit for Department Review” doesn't come up. Deliverables also don't come up when I try to search them, but I've heard we can submit without deliverables. What should I do?
A: You probably aren’t seeing this because you don’t have access. Go to Manage Access and add yourself as an editor. If you are ever looking for an activity on something and can’t find it, more than likely you need to add yourself as an editor if you didn’t create the award/proposal.


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