CERES: Create and Submit an Amendment


Create and Submit an Amendment

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You can create amendments for agreements in the Active, Expired, and Evergreen state. To create and submit an amendment to an agreement, follow the steps below.


  • Only one amendment can be in progress at a time.
  • You can add or replace Primary Contact and collaborators for an agreement without creating an amendment. This can be done through the Manage Access activity from the parent agreement workspace. 

To Create and Submit an Amendment

  1. In the CERES Top Navigator, click Agreements.
  2. On the All Agreements tab, click the name of the agreement to amend.

Tip: To quickly search through the list of all agreements, you can use the “Filter by” search functionality to filter the results. 

  1. At the left of the agreement workspace under Next Steps, click Create Amendment. The amendment SmartForm will open.
  2. Make necessary changes to the agreement pages and add amendment documents, including other supporting documents if required.

Note: The assigned Proxy, Primary Contact, and collaborators have the same edit rights to the amendment as the Agreement Manager or Principal Investigator (PI).

  1. Click Continue to move to the next page or use the Left Navigator to jump to a specific page.
    • Important! Do not complete the “Negotiation Information” page as this section is only to be filled in by Sponsored Research.
  2. When you have completed your changes, follow the completion instructions on the last page and then click Finish. The amendment workspace displays.
  3. At the left of the workspace under Next Steps, click Submit to submit the amendment for review.
  4. Click OK to confirm the amendment is complete and correct.

When this Submit activity is executed on an amendment:

  • The amendment advances to the Unassigned state. The appropriate Sponsored Research team will assign a team member to review, negotiate, and sign the amendment.
  • The activity will be logged under the History tab on the amendment workspace. You can click on the activity hyperlink to open the activity details, which will show a copy of the completed activity form.


  • You can view the amendment workspace from the parent agreement by clicking the Go to Amendment button.
  • From the parent agreement workspace, you can find information about related amendments under:
    • Amendments tab: Displays list of amendments initiated for the agreement along with their ID, description, state, and final amendment document link (if any).
    • Documents tab: Displays name and IDs of the agreement project along with the list of final agreement and amendment files and any supporting documents (in ascending alphabetical order) uploaded in the parent agreement and amendments.
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