Northwestern Print: Hardware Support for Ricoh MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices) and Printers

Ricoh is responsible for providing all support for the physical hardware (MFDs and printers) that are a part of Northwestern Print.

How to Request Support

Faculty and staff should always contact your local IT (Information Technology) support first regarding any hardware issues.  When contacting your local IT support concerning a hardware issue, please provide the location of the device, the device model number and the serial number shown on the tag on each device.  

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Hardware support from Ricoh is coordinated for Ricoh by the RMSSC (Remote Management Services Support Center).  Issues may include the MFP (Multi-Function Printers) not working properly, break/fix calls, maintenance requests, paper jamming, poor print quality or QR Code Missing or not linked to the correct printer.  IT staff may contact RMSSC via MyRicoh or phone.  Northwestern Print: MyRicoh


If the primary Ricoh MFD (Multi-Functional Devices) you use for printing is out of order you can release your print job at any other available device in Northwestern Print (Follow Me Printing).  

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