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Overview of Northwetsren Print.
Instructions for uploading a file to Northwestern Print by using a web browser.
Authentication options for Print Release including: NetID and Password, WildCard Tap, and QR code release
Instructions for sending a fax.
How to request support for break/fix, maintenance, paper jams, poor print quality, and print release.
For Staff who are also Students, this article guides you on how to choose the correct print queue based on your departmental vs academic needs.
Printing instructions for student employees using shared Org accounts at their job.
Options for students to print by uploading a document to a web portal or from a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device.
Overview of how to scan a document to be sent as an attachment to your Northwestern email.
How to clean your Ricoh MFD Screens and Operation panels
Use ​​a web browser to upload documents to print on a Linux device.
Poster highlighting steps to log in, print, and scan from a Ricoh MFD
Poster highlighting steps to log in, print, scan, and fax from a Ricoh MFD