Technology Purchases at SESP




All technology purchases must be placed through iBuyNU.

All staff members at Northwestern have the ability to place orders in iBuyNU.

When submitting your order, please assign the cart to the most appropriate contact from the list below. 

  • Dean’s Office – Tanya Tovar 
  • CTD – Lana Nisan
  • MSED – Erin Snow
  • MSLOC – Jen Pasek 
  • MSHE – Jeanine Breen 
  • MSSEP – Shefali More
  • FUSE – Destiny Medina 
  • Student Affairs/Undergrad – Allison Ledwon
  • Reiser – Lakisha Taylor
  • Pinkard/Mapscorps – Gulnura Sultanova
  • E4 – Eden Stargardt

After placing your order, please direct any questions or status requests regarding your order to the appropriate individual listed above.

Extended Warranties

All computing devices (laptops, desktops, tablets) should be purchased with a four year extended warranty.

For Apple devices this is named AppleCare for Enterprise device-name 48 months Tier 1.

As an example-

For Dell devices this is named 4Y ProSupport Next Business Day Onsite with In-Region HW-SW Support

For Lenovo devices purchases through CDWG this is named CDW 4 Year Standard+ Product Protection Warranty Coverage Plan

After fours years of use and the expiration of the extended warranty, any devices requiring hardware repairs will need to be replaced.

Recommended Devices

The SESP Technology team recommends all staff utilize an Apple MacBook Air.

Please select either a 13" or a 15" model based on your preference for portability vs screen size.

When configuring the device please select upgrades one option higher than the base level for both Memory and Storage.

As an example-

Faculty Technology Orders

 Faculty members may place order directly in iBuyNU.  Please assign you carts to Tanya Tovars.

If preferred, a member of the SESP Technology team can place the order in iBuyNU on your behalf.

To request that a member of the SESP Technology team place an order for you, please "Report An Issue" with the Northwestern service desk and provide the details of what you would like to purchase.

After the order has been placed, please send all questions or status requests to Tanya Tovar.

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