Northwestern Print: Requesting a Refund for Student Printing

Students can request a refund for a failed print job through the Northwestern Print web portal at:

A University Library staff member will respond to your request within 1 business day.  Refunds are provided as a credit to your Northwestern Print Refunds account. Funds cannot be added to a student’s Cat Cash account. Your Refunds Balance also expires when your NetID expires. Northwestern Print cannot supply cash/credits refund for unused balances.   

How to request a refund for student printing  

 To request a refund, log in to your Northwestern Print account at   

 On the left-hand column, click "Recent Print Jobs"  

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​​Find the print job for which you would like to request a refund. On the rightmost column, click "Request Refund."  

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Fill out the form, include any significant details, and click "Submit."  

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A library staff member will respond to your request within 24 hours. Refunds are given in the form of Refund balance which can be viewed within your Northwestern Print account at   

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Reprinting a failed print job  

In the case of a printer error, reprints can be made at the Information Commons desk, or refunded to your NUPrint Balance. See Northwestern Print: Reprinting a Failed Student Print Job




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