Northwestern Print: Faculty and Staff Printing Costs

Printing costs for faculty and staff 

Printing does cost the university money. Printing costs for faculty and staff printing will be paid by each school, department, or non-academic unit. Costs include the lease of the Ricoh MFD (Multi-Functional Devices) or printer, the cost per page (CPC (Cost Per Click)) for print jobs each month, and monthly support costs. Faculty and staff will have print queues installed on university-managed computers that will direct the costs to be paid by their schools / departments. 

Some devices in Northwestern Print may only be available for Faculty and staff printing. The sign will indicate that restriction if applicable. 


Queue names 

The new faculty / staff print queue names are named BW and Color. The print queues should appear in a printer list as 

Your local IT (Information Technology) support staff in collaboration with Ricoh technicians will ensure that all Northwestern managed computers get the new print queues prior to your devices being onboarded into Northwestern Print. Printing to these queues will ensure that faculty and staff printing is charged directly to your school or department. If you do not have these print queues, please contact your local IT support team. 


Non-managed university or personal computers 

Faculty and staff using non-managed university or personal computers will need to install the Mobility Print drivers to print to Northwestern Print from these devices.

For complete instructions, see Northwestern Print: Installing Mobility Print on Faculty and Staff Computers 


Faculty and staff personal printing 

Some faculty and staff may wish to pay for their own personal printing instead of allowing their school or department to cover those costs. To do this faculty and staff will need to install the StudentPay print queues using Mobility Print.

Please Northwestern Print: Faculty and Staff Personal Printing




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