Uninstall and Reinstall GlobalProtect for Windows

  1. Browse to https://chocolate.ci.northwestern.edu\Software\Titles\NU_Global_Protect\Current\Windows\globalprotect_install.zip to download the GlobalProtect installation package

  2. From your computer's Downloads folder, right click on globalprotect_install.zip, choose Extract All...

  3. Accept the defaults in the Extract Folder window

  4. If prompted with "Windows protected your PC", click on "More info" ,then "Run Anyway"

  5. In the next window that opens up, double-click on globalprotect_install.bat (NOT on GlobalProtect64x.msi)

  6. Once this is done, GlobalProtect Setup Wizard will appear with option to either "Repair GlobalProtect" or "Remove GlobalProtect", choose the "Remove GlobalProtect" option and follow the prompts

  7. Once removed, browse back to the GlobalProtect folder you extracted and double-click on globalprotect_install.bat (NOT on GlobalProtect64x.msi)

  8. Once this is done, an installation window will prompt and you can click "Next" to follow the installation instructions

  9. When prompted for a portal address, enter vpn-connect.northwestern.edu



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