Purchasing Recommended YubiKeys

Yubico produces a range of YubiKey models that meet Northwestern's Duo multifactor authentication (MFA) requirements. These hardware tokens can be purchased and configured by individual users. YubiKeys range in price from about $25 to $80 and can be purchased through the manufacturer (linked below), Amazon, or with a departmental chartstring through the iBuyNU Marketplace.

View Compatible YubiKeys

For a complete list of YubiKeys compatible with Duo, please visit: https://www.yubico.com/works-with-yubikey/catalog/duo/#compatible-yubikeys

Which YubiKey should I Choose?

When deciding which YubiKey to purchase from the recommended list, consider the USB Type. If you primarily use computers that have a USB-A connection, choose from the available USB-A models. If you primarily use computers that have a USB-C connection, choose from the available USB-C models. Some YubiKey models, such as the 5 Series, support a wide array of authentication methods that can be used with other services. However, for Duo, any YubiKey listed in the compatible YubiKeys list will work.

USB-A dongles and ports are larger and have a rectangular shape. USB-C dongles are smaller, have rounded edges and are smooth.

Commonly Chosen YubiKey Models

YubiKey Name USB Type
Security Key NFC USB-A
Security Key C NFC USB-C
YubiKey 5 NFC USB-A
YubiKey 5C NFC USB-C
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