Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls represent one component of a strategy to combat malicious activities and assaults on computing resources and network-accessible information. Other components include antivirus software and intrusion detection software.


Available to

  • Distributed IT Units



There is a one-time initial consulting and implementation charge, plus firewall hardware and annual maintenance. Detailed cost information is available on the Northwestern IT Service & Equipment Charge List.


How to Request Service

Use the 'CONDUITS Request' button to the right.


Maintenance and Schedule

Use the 'CONDUITS Request' button to the right.

All installations and implementations of and modifications to a Network Firewall and its Configuration and Ruleset are the responsibility of the authorized Northwestern Information Technology (IT) Firewall Administrator, with this exception: maintenance of a Network Firewall Ruleset may be performed by other than Northwestern IT personnel where permitted by a documented risk acceptance agreement between Northwestern IT and the School/Department/Business Unit assuming the Firewall Administrator's responsibilities.




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