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Use CONDUITS Online to easily and accurately submit telecommunication orders.

  • If you are an authorized work order contact, use your NetID and NetID password to log in to the CONDUITS Online Order Form to submit orders.
  • If you’re not sure you’re authorized to place orders for your department or who the authorized individual is please see excel attachment located on the right of this page.
  • To obtain access to CONDUITS Online, please email the Help Desk.
  • View the Northwestern IT Service & Equipment Charge List for a list of equipment charges.

For answers to other frequently asked questions, click here: CONDUITS Online FAQ

Glossary of Terms

Term Description
Account Number Chart of Accounts number.
Billing Cycle The period of time between billing dates during which charges accrue.
Billing Date Last day of the monthly billing cycle on which the billing reports are generated.
Work Order Contacts Those individuals who are authorized to place orders for telecommunications and network services for a department.
Department Entity to which subscribers and services are assigned.
Local Calls All calls made to the 312, 847, 773, 630, 708, and 224 area codes, and local area code directory assistance calls.
MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) Charge that recurs on a monthly basis.
OCC (Other Charges and Credits) Charge or credit that is likely to be a one-time charge for installation or modification of services, such as the installation fee for a telephone.
PDF (Portable Document Format) Document that can be shared, viewed, and printed on any system regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts, using free Adobe Reader® software.
Standard Reports Vendor-supplied billing reports, viewable only as HTML.
SubCode Accounts.
Subscriber Person or entity that services are associated with. There are three types of subscribers:
Individual Subscriber is an individual with a NetID.
Summary Subscriber is an entity that equates to a department.
Supplemental Subscriber is an entity that equates to a physical or virtaul entity, such as a conference room or a lab.
Subscriber ID System-generated identifier assigned to each subscriber.
User Defined ID Individual Subscribers are also identified by their NetID; Summary Subscribers are identified by a departmental netid if known or a supplemental id;
Supplemental Subscibers are identified by a supplemental id.
Supplemental ID A unique identifier for a subscriber in the format of 'supp'#####.
Toll Calls Domestic and international long-distance calls.
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