On-Campus Data Center Services

The Northwestern Data Center is the centerpiece of hosting services for shared and specialized research clusters with IT workloads remaining on-campus.  To meet the rigorous needs a dedicated team of IT professionals provide quality core data center services for a secure and reliable enterprise-grade data center combined with mission-critical facility management, 24/7 operations monitoring and support, and sustainability.

Optimized for growth and flexibility with an energy efficient design, the central data center has on-the-floor capacity allowing for the rapid provisioning of significant grant-funded faculty investments and the consolidation and relocation of servers into the data center for increased efficiencies.

Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 access—high availability connectivity to the Internet and campus network resources
  • Secure data networks—ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Northwestern University's information resources
  • Service monitoring—ensures physical security and operational integrity of systems and services
  • Environmental management— updated power distribution, cooling systems and environmental monitoring services
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity—proactive plan to protect the University community and secure the continuity of its campus systems, programs, and services
  • Load balancing—provide continuous availability of University-wide applications and services across campuses
  • Reliable and scalable—service design includes serviceability of infrastructure components as well as ease of expansion to accommodate future growth.
  • Server virtualization management—allow seamless transition between virtual clusters as service loads change and transition clusters between data centers, providing disaster recovery and high availability and simplified management.


Available to

  • University schools, departments, and business units
  • Faculty
  • Staff 
  • Researchers





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