Enterprise File Transfer

Enterprise file transfer services help schedule, automate, and track the creation and transfer of files between various systems.


Available to

  • This service is available to anyone who has tenancy within the Northwestern IT network environment.



A fee may be assessed to the end user or department to use the service offering. This can be expressed on a per user basis, by department, volume of consumption, or however charges are assessed.


How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.


Service Levels

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) may be created but must be settled prior to the initiation of product usage regardless of environment; e.g. DEV, UAT, PROD, etc. SLAs are subject to change and can be updated during platform usage; however, they must be accepted by department heads through an approval process.


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Tue 6/28/22 1:03 PM
Fri 5/24/24 9:10 AM