Server Management

Northwestern IT provides server management from the operating system layer up to the application stack depending on customer needs. Alongside available database management services, this allows administrators to leave server management in the hands of the platform services team to focus on the management of their applications.

  • Features and Benefits
  • Centralized System Management
  • Continuous System Monitoring
  • Access to System Engineering consultation
  • Automated System backups and on-demand recovery


Available to

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Researchers



There is no cost for this service


How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.

Members of the University including schools, departments, and researchers interested in virtualized hosting services for a new project or application, a new service, new portions of an existing environment, or for a hosting only platform must complete the Virtual Server Hosting Request Form.

Types of virtual server hosting requests may include Application Server, Database, File Server, and Web Server.

Requestors are encouraged to respond fully to the questions, provide additional supporting materials as necessary, and submit the completed form to Northwestern IT Cyberinfrastructure.

Northwestern IT staff assesses the completeness of the requests, compares the requirements to available resources, and makes a determination. The requestor is notified within three business days of the decision.  Upon approval, Northwestern IT Cyberinfrastructure begins project implementation planning with the requestor.

Any requests for physical servers will require a face-to-face meeting with an Northwestern IT Cyberinfrastructure representative to examine the requirements for a physical rather than virtual server.


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