Server Back Up as a Service

Northwestern IT provides incremental and full server backup and restore services to any group with a tenancy in the NUCloud and Enterprise environments.


Features and Benefits

  • Ability to access application and full system recovery
  • Access to consult with Backup System Engineers


Available to

  • This is available to any group with a tenancy in NUCloud and the Enterprise Environment. For virtual Machines, backups are managed using VEEAM. For al other backups, Netbackup is used to manage backups.



For non-NUCloud Tenants costs for backup services are listed below.

Below is a table which compares the costs for a variety of back-up methods.  It is important to note these costs do not reflect any Public cloud costs. By Comparison the Backup with Tape costs do reflect the costs of Tape for both on-premise and offsite.

NetBackup to Tape (On-Premise Solution)


How to Request Service

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