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Understanding the GM097 Sponsored Project Actuals Balance Report in Cognos Analytics

example, if you are running the report on the  calendar date of December 5, 2018, the report will return the same results as if you were to run the report for Fiscal Year 2019, Accounting Period 4. This is

NUFinancials: Assign a Manager and Reviewers to a Department or Project

time, update assignments with new effective dated rows. Click the plus sign to add a new row. Enter an Effective Date, or select it from calendar. Effective dates can be any date in

Searching for Budget Journals in NUFinancials

Journal Date field group, select the operator >. In the blank field, click the calendar icon and select a The example shown uses the first day of a budget period (2010). Near the beginning of

CERES: Faculty Notifications Matrix

FACULTY NOTIFICATIONS MATRIX CERES generates email notifications for the system activities and transitions outlined in the tables below. To modify Outlook rules and manage notifications in your

Feinberg New User Guide - Click to expand topics

Setting up Outlook 1. Open Outlook and enter your Northwestern email address and press Connect. 2. The next window prompts you with the email address, but

CERES: Complete a Budget

budget a person’s effort for the entire calendar year or distribute it between summer and academic months by selecting Yes to the “Budget summer and academic effort separately?” question on the

NUFinancials Actuals Journal Training Guide

amount (debit)." Result: Total Debits and Total Credits are shown in Totals. Verify they are equal, and if not, revise the amounts you entered. Step 5: Attach supporting documents You may attach

Budget Reconciliation for NUFinancials

Calendar MyHR/KB training articles   For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

Create a Shopping Cart in iBuyNU

prevent a reminder from being sent, clear the Send a reminder checkbox. To send a reminder, click the Send a reminder checkbox, click the date, and select a date from the calendar pop

Managing group permissions using the Self-Service Group Management tool

” and/or also exist within the cloud as well. They include Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) groups such as Distribution (Mailing) Lists and Active Directory security groups. Within Cayosoft, these

NUFinancials Mobile Expense Training Guide

.             Attach receipts (from phone photo album or scanned on your phone) and other supporting documentation (e.g. foreign currency conversion rates, hotel, mileage amounts, Expense Report Policy Exception

NUPlans Tips

. There are also published subsets that start with "- Detailed" that will not include subtotal rows, to further support any manipulations in Excel. Buttons Some users may encounter problems removing

Entering an Expense Report in NUFinancials

Report Policy and Procedures for further detail on Expense Report policy. Out of Pockets Expenses List all expenses on the Expense Report and attach receipts and/or other supporting

NUFinancials Budget Adjustments Transcript

Dean can support a faculty’s designated project with amounts from an endowment chart string Finally, if instructed by your department, use the Actuals Transfer Journal to move amounts from 110 to 171

My Wallet Transactions in Expense Reports in NUFinancials

receipts and other supporting documentation (e.g. foreign currency conversion, hotel, Expense Policy Exception Form) in the Attach Receipt box. Click on Attach Receipt Click Add Attachment