SharePoint: How to Add SharePoint folders to OneDrive for Windows or Mac

This article covers how to have SharePoint folders locally on your computer via the OneDrive for Windows and Mac applications.


  1. Install and configure OneDrive for Windows or Mac if you haven't already.
  2. Log into your SharePoint site by going to
  3. Navigate to the folder you wish to have locally on your computer via OneDrive for Windows/Mac
  4. From the top menu bar, click "Sync" button or the "Add shortcut to OneDrive" (preferred method). Note: It is not possible to sync and create a shortcut to the same content.  You must use one or the other.
  5. The Synced or shortcut locations will show in File Explorer/Mac Finder on the the local computer. 

Example of "Synced" folders:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Examples of a Shortcut to a folder:‚ÄčUploaded Image (Thumbnail)



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