Setting up and using Cisco Jabber for macOS

Jabber simplifies communication and enhances productivity by unifying presence, instant messaging, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing capabilities into a secure easy-to-use app. If you need to download Jabber, you can do so from the Northwestern software site.

For more information see Jabber for MacOS User Guide.


Log in to Jabber

  1. When you open Jabber for the first time only, you will see a blank prompt. Enter your full email address, then click Continue. If you have a email address, you need to enter instead.
  2. When prompted for a username and password, enter your NetID and NetID password, then click Login.

Connect your headset

  1. Make sure your USB or bluetooth headset is connected to your computer
  2. From the menu bar, go to Jabber > Preferences...
  3. Click the Audio/Video tab, then click Audio
  4. Under the Audio Call Output and Microphonesections
    • select your headset
    • use the slides to adjust the volume
  5. When you're done, close the window

Customize your Jabber settings

From the menu bar, go to Jabber > Preferences... 
  • Set Jabber to automatically start when you turn on your computer
    1. Click the General tab
    2. Click the checkbox next to Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts
  • Choose your personal ringtone
    1. Click the Notifications tab
    2. From the dropdown list next to Ringtones, choose your preferred ringtone

Manage your contacts

View your contacts

  1. In the left pane of the Jabber Hub Window, click the Contacts icon

Add a new Northwestern contact

  1. From the menu bar, go to Contacts > New Contact...
  2. In the search, enter your new contact's name or email address
  3. When the contact's info is displayed, double-click their name
  4. Choose the group you want to add them to and click Add

Create a new contact group

  1. From the menu bar, go to Contacts > New Group...
  2. Enter a name for the new group, then click OK

Add a new external contact

  1. From the menu bar, go to File > New Custom Contact
  2. Complete any relevant information, select the contact group you want to add them to, then click Create

Set your presence

  1. In the upper left corner of the Jabber hub window, click your profile, then click the Status drop-down menu.
  2. Choose your status:
    • Available
    • Away
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Or set a custom message by selecting the Custom Message option and entering your status message

Place a call

Call someone from your contact list

  1. Highlight your contact's name, then use one of the following methods to make the call:
    • Double-click their name
    • Click the phone icon next to their name
    • Right-click their name and select Call

Call someone at Northwestern

  1. From the Jabber Hub Window, click into the Search or call box
  2. Enter the name of the individual you want to call
  3. When their contact info is displayed, click the green phone icon

Call an external phone number

  1. From the Jabber Hub Window, click into the Search or call box
  2. Enter the external phone number, then click the green phone icon
    • Make sure you preface the number with 9-1 for domestic phone numbers, or 9-011 for international numbers.

Create a conference call

Create a conference call:
  1. Start a call with your first contact.
  2. Start a second call with another contact; the first will automatically be placed on hold.
  3. Click the More Call Handling (...) icon, then click Merge.
  4. Repeat the steps above to add more people to your call. You can have a maximum of six people on the call, including yourself.
Create a conference call by merging an additional incoming call:
  1. While connected to a call, answer the new incoming call; this will place your current call on hold.
  2. Click the More (...) icon, then click Merge.

Transfer a call

  1. During an active call, click the More (...) icon, then click Transfer.
  2. Enter the number or use the search option to dial by name.
  3. Announce the call (optional).
  4. Click the green Transfer icon to complete.

Access your voicemail

  1. In the left pane of the Jabber Hub Window, click the Voice Messages icon
  2. Play a message by clicking the play button
  3. Click the More (...) key to Delete a message or Mark as Unread

Manage call forwarding

Click the Call Control dropdown menu located at the bottom of the Jabber Hub window to bring up its options.

Add phone numbers to forward to

  1. Select Forward Calls.
  2. Select New Number... to open your Calls Preferences window.
  3. In the New Number text box, enter the phone number you want to forward calls to. You can enter a 5-digit Northwestern extension, or a 10-digit off-campus number. Don't include the 9-1, and leave out the dashes.
  4. Close the window when you're done.

Turn call forwarding on

  1. Select Forward Calls.
  2. Choose where to forward incoming calls:
    • Select Voicemail to send calls directly to your voicemail
    • Select another phone number in your list that you've already defined
    • Select New Number... and follow the instructions above to add a new number
  3. A small banner will be displayed above the Call Control dropdown menu as long as your phone is forwarded.

Turn call forwarding off

  1. Select Forward Calls > Off.

Access your Webex meetings

Link your Webex and Jabber accounts

  1. Make sure you have provisioned your Webex account by logging in at
  2. Send an email message to the Northwestern IT Support Center at requesting that your Jabber account be linked with your Webex account.
  3. Note that because Webex uses multi-factor authentication, you will need to authenticate via Duo every 30 days.

Join or initiate a Webex meeting

  1. In the left pane of the Jabber Hub Window, click the Meetings icon
  2. Click Join to join an existing Webex meeting
  3. Click Meet Now to initiate a meeting in your Personal Meeting Room




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