Software for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Take advantage of discounted software applications from Northwestern IT for academic and personal use. Applications including computer security, productivity, and computation programs are offered at significant discounts or free for download.

Unless otherwise noted, all software listed is available for use by students, faculty, and staff.

  • Software for Personal Purchase by faculty and staff is marked below as (p).
  • Software for Business Use by faculty and staff is marked below as (f).
  • Software for Personal Purchase by students is marked below as (s).
  • Software for Departmental Purchase is marked below as (d).

Internet Explorer (IE) settings could block your software downloads. If you see a message at the top of your browser window indicating that IE has blocked your download, right-click on the message line and select "Download File."

For instructions on purchasing software for departmental use, please consult the NU Preferred Vendor (Software) CDW-G.

Software Title Purchase Type Operating System Download/Order Download Type
Adobe Products Departmental Purchase (d)   Order  
Adobe Products Personal Purchase (p,s)   Order  
ArcGIS Pro Departmental Purchase (d) Win  Download .exe
Avast Departmental Purchase (d) Win XP/7/8/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 64 bit Download .exe
Bomgar Remote Support Assistance Departmental Purchase (d) Win Order  
Cisco Jabber Requires University phone number associated with a user NetID (f) Win Download .exe
Cisco Jabber Requires University phone number associated with a user NetID (f) Mac Download .pkg
CrashPlan Backup Client   Mac
EndNote for Mac   Mac Download .zip
EndNote for Windows   Win Download .zip
JMP Faculty/Staff (f) and Students (s) Win Download .zip
JMP Faculty/Staff (f) and Students (s) Mac Download .zip
Mathematica Business Use by Faculty/Staff (f) Mac
Order .exe
Mathematica Student (s) Mac
Order .exe
MATLAB     Read more  
Microsoft Office 365 Student (s) Mac
Download .exe
Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender Personal Purchase (p,s) Win Read more  
Microsoft Titles Departmental Purchase (d)   Order  
Microsoft Titles Personal Purchase (p)   Order Faculty & Staff may purchase MS Office software using the Home Use Program.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)     Download  
Sophos    Personal Purchase (p,s) Mac    Read more  
SPSS Business Use by Faculty/Staff (f) Win    Order .zip
SPSS Grad Pack Personal Purchase Student Only (s)   Order  
SAS    Business Use by Faculty/Staff (f) Linux/Win Order  
SAS    Personal Purchase faculty/students (p,s) Linux/Win Order  


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