Recommended Headsets for Telephone Solutions

Headsets are available for purchase thru iBuyNU from CDW for a discount off of list price.

These are the headsets that Northwestern IT has tested and recommends for use with the Jabber software telephone client.

Sign into iBuyNU and select CDW listed under suppliers. Search by using the CDW Part number listed below.


Headsets for use with a Telephone Software Client


Poly Encore Pro 310 Single Earpiece  CDW Part: 7597601
Poly Encore 320 Stereo CDW Part: 7596993
Poly Encore 510 Single Earpiece CDW Part: 7597538
Poly Encore 520 Stereo     CDW Part: 7596991
Poly Encore 710 Single Earpiece CDW Part: 7597688
Poly Encore 720 Stereo CDW Part: 7597428



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