Financial Management Systems Getting Started

This page provides security access forms, procedures, and links to the most commonly used training courses in myHR Learn and the Knowledge Base to assist in getting started using NUFinancials.


Information for New NUFinancial System Users

Will you be... Recommended Training
Using Northwestern's financial management system for the first time? NUFinancial Systems Overview
Authorized to see financial data? Chart of Accounts Quick Reference


Security Access Forms

All Financial Management Security Access forms.




Will you be...             Recommended Training:
Approving financial transactions?             Approvals and Workflow Overview


Expense Reporting and Reimbursement

Will you be... Recommended Training
submitting your own expense reports for reimbursement? Entering an Expense Report in NUFinancials
submitting expense reports for other employees (as a proxy)? Proxy Access for Employee Expense Reports
checking the progress of reimbursements for yourself or other employees? FMS807 Employee Expense Reports
submitting expense reports for others who are not employees? Using the Visitor's Expense Report Job Aid
checking the progress of reimbursements for others who are not employees? View Payments to Suppliers and Non-Employees in NUFinancials


Procurement (Purchasing)

Will you be... Recommended Training
involved in procuring goods or services? Procurement Overview
identifying goods or services for purchase from iBuyNU? Create a Shopping Cart in iBuyNU
responsible for reviewing and approving requests for goods and services? Approval Process: Requisitions
entering receipt confirmations for purchases? Receiving Overview
Entering Receipts Using Manage Requisitions and Add/Update Receipts
checking to see if purchases have been approved and paid? Purchase to Payment Lifespan
Matching and Tolerance Overview
Managing Requisitions in NUFinancials
requesting updates or changes to purchase orders? Change, Cancel or Close a Purchase Order in NUFinancials
requesting direct payment for goods or services? Submitting a Payment Request in NUFinancials


Financial Reporting

Will you be... Recommended Training
Using reports to monitor financial activity in your school/department/program? Financial Reporting Overview
Reading financial reports or explaining financial reports to others?

FMS114 Reading Cognos Reports

FMS723 Reconciling Budgets

Running financial reports? FMS112 Run and Schedule Cognos Reports
Authoring your own ad hoc reports in Cognos? FMS103 Cognos Query Studio


Actuals Journals (General Ledger)

Will you be... Recommended Training
using actuals journals to record transactions? Actuals Journals
correcting transactions previously posted to the General Ledger? Actuals Journals
transferring live funds from one chart string to another? Actuals Journals
recording revenue from internal sales from one department to another? If so, what volume of sales will you record?  
 From 1 to 15 charges per journal? Actuals Journals
 15 charges or more per journal? Budget Journals and Spreadsheet Journals



Will you be... Recommended Training
involved in sales or in collecting revenue? Revenue Overview
recording revenue from external sales or services? FMS740 Receiving & Depositing Revenue



Will you be... Recommended Training
Involved in the preparation of a budget or in monitoring financial activity? Budgeting Overview
Viewing the current year budget, year-to-date expenses, revenues, and balances? NUFinancials Budget
Making or approving adjustments to the current year budget? FMS720 Initiating Budget Adjustments
Reconciling financial activity related to your budget? If so, which type of budget:  
  Revenue budget (external sales or internal sales) Cognos and NUFinancials Budget Reconciliation
  Expense budget (non-compensation) Cognos and NUFinancials Budget Reconciliation
  Expense budget (compensation) NUPlans Compensation Budgeting
Preparing the base budget for the next fiscal year? Preparing Budgets


Grants Management

Will you be... Recommended Training
developing and tracking proposals to submission? Sponsored Research Overview
preparing proposals for submission to sponsors? FMS502 InfoEd Proposal Development
managing sponsored research award funds to closeout? FMS505 Managing Sponsored Projects
  FMS723 Reconciling Budgets
reviewing and approving departmental proposals? FMS503 InfoEd Approvals
reviewing and approving award transactions? FMS804 Approvals and Workflow
reviewing and interpreting report data for proposals and awards? FMS505 Managing Sponsored Projects
  FMS504 Reports in Sponsored Research
reporting effort quarterly in the Effort Reporting System (ERS)? Effort Reporting Training
managing compliance with federal, local and university regulations and policies? Office for Research Integrity
collecting COI sign off from key personnel on proposals? COI Training


Facilities Management

Will you be... Recommended Training
requesting services from Facilities Management? Facilities Management Service Requests
managing renovation/construction projects or a large volume of service requests? Taught on request by Facilities Management


Asset Management

Will you be... Recommended Training
acquiring, managing, or reporting on assets? Asset Management Overview
reporting the transfer or disposal of University assets to Accounting Services? Asset Management View Access
viewing asset management information?  


Alumni Relations and Development

Will you be... Recommended Training
using CATracks for alumni tracking and development activities? CATracks Home
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