Using Globus Timer

The Globus Timer feature allows you to schedule data workflows for a certain date and time with the option to repeat these workflows on a specified schedule.

To use these options, first select the files you would like to transfer as you would normally. Then, Click "Transfer and timer options" between the source and destination search boxes in the File Manager screen.

globus timer window


Transfer settings

Globus provides pre-defined transfer settings that you can choose from. To apply these to your transfer, click the box to the left of the setting. For more information about what these settings do, click the info button to the right of the setting. These options will be applied when you hit the Start button to begin the transfer.

Timer options

When dealing with especially large data transfers, you may want to schedule them for a time when the network is expected to have the least amount of traffic.

One time transfer

To schedule a transfer, specify a time in the Schedule Start field. This will schedule a one time transfer at the specified time when you hit the Start Button.

Repeat transfers

If you would like to schedule a transfer that occurs at a regular interval, choose the interval you would like (days, hours, minutes) from the Repeat dropdown menu.

repeat options in globus timer

Then specify the frequency (eg: every 3 days) and when you would like the recurrence to end, on a certain date or after a given number of times. This feature is very similar to setting recurring meeting invitations in Microsoft Outlook.

Once the transfer has been submitted by hitting the start button, you can view and/or remove their scheduled transfer via the Activity page and the Timers tab.

Need help?

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